The first love

Get to know each other, but is in the vast network; To know each other but on how much text; Ambition is the same. Some people like a shadow convention; Some things, he was already was destined to start from now. Perhaps, we can't change the circumstances of life. But we can cherish, let your life leave pity warmth.

Also don't know is a former life fate, is doomed to this life. Facing the busy, life trivial. Often emerge in good fucking not fireworks scene. Instead, the bustling streets, a person will not be detected by the booth, a traffic flow of 11 road. Leaving me a shock from inside of the heart. Already for a corner of the busy, not want change for many years. The sick old woman, she gave me the impression is -- --, rickets, bloated, a wrinkled face, yellow calluses oily be soiled with hands like old bark. Pan, peninsular medium oil temperature such as heat waves to the crowd scattered boiling oil is splashed. And she, unruffled sat in the cake stand, now and will get the bread into the frying pan. Smoke curled up, and the submicro narrow her eyes still staring forward. I don't know why the old man is so many, the ego three years ago, when he arrived in the bustling city of corner she is there.

A cookstoves, a very shabby umbrella, a stool, just simple. I pay attention to her, because she reminds me of a person, that person is my grandmother. She and my grandma a striking resemblance. Are not the so-called fate to mind. Time and tide wait for no man, only to the shortness of time in a hurry. In there she slipped away. For I was only able to several language. This woman, age even with her close!!!! Why so adhere to SheTan here? Actually not many buy bread, except for those who first came to the city workers, and those who afford high-end dishes. For the native of the city, how can you stand so many fireworks. For me, I have also bought a cake, not because of who had only a few yuan of money, but for me, that kind of bread is my grandma likes to eat once, compared with those of convenience food, bread seem to be not only the food, but also a miss.

Anyone can do it, but who also can not do it. When I put the money into her hands, I didn't notice her back like old bark's hand, quivering, she folded carefully put money into the chest. For that kind of bread, have not you enjoy the food of our generation, but that s my grandma. Bread though it doesn't taste good, but for someone like me, beauty is not delicious doesn't matter, even is the need of the essence. Because when you are hungry, you eat something even in taste, but also is used for food. As long as can eat satisfied, maybe your happiness at the moment. Never think three years ago, has never be so met.
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