The first love

Get to know each other, but is in the vast network; To know each other but on how much text; Ambition is the same. Some people like a shadow convention; Some things, he was already was destined to start from now. Perhaps, we can't change the circumstances of life. But we can cherish, let your life leave pity warmth.

Also don't know is a former life fate, is doomed to this life. Facing the busy, life trivial. Often emerge in good fucking not fireworks scene. Instead, the bustling streets, a person will not be detected by the booth, a traffic flow of 11 road. Leaving me a shock from inside of the heart. Already for a corner of the busy, not want change for many years. The sick old woman, she gave me the impression is -- --, rickets, bloated, a wrinkled face, yellow calluses oily be soiled with hands like old bark. Pan, peninsular medium oil temperature such as heat waves to the crowd scattered boiling oil is splashed. And she, unruffled sat in the cake stand, now and will get the bread into the frying pan. Smoke curled up, and the submicro narrow her eyes still staring forward. I don't know why the old man is so many, the ego three years ago, when he arrived in the bustling city of corner she is there.

A cookstoves, a very shabby umbrella, a stool, just simple. I pay attention to her, because she reminds me of a person, that person is my grandmother. She and my grandma a striking resemblance. Are not the so-called fate to mind. Time and tide wait for no man, only to the shortness of time in a hurry. In there she slipped away. For I was only able to several language. This woman, age even with her close!!!! Why so adhere to SheTan here? Actually not many buy bread, except for those who first came to the city workers, and those who afford high-end dishes. For the native of the city, how can you stand so many fireworks. For me, I have also bought a cake, not because of who had only a few yuan of money, but for me, that kind of bread is my grandma likes to eat once, compared with those of convenience food, bread seem to be not only the food, but also a miss.

Anyone can do it, but who also can not do it. When I put the money into her hands, I didn't notice her back like old bark's hand, quivering, she folded carefully put money into the chest. For that kind of bread, have not you enjoy the food of our generation, but that s my grandma. Bread though it doesn't taste good, but for someone like me, beauty is not delicious doesn't matter, even is the need of the essence. Because when you are hungry, you eat something even in taste, but also is used for food. As long as can eat satisfied, maybe your happiness at the moment. Never think three years ago, has never be so met.
forgotten is happiness
What glebe's old and what to die. An excuse is just icing on the cakealexander hera wedding.
Stood on tiptoe, we can get closer to happiness one point?
Strange days to blame, I won't blame you, you have the right to choose happiness.
Hysterical screaming in the deep heart's core, touched the heart of every nerve.
Those scattered oath, mocked the youth.
Flowers in the dream, dream it.
In this sunny in March, I from my youth in thin the horse, through the purple pansy, through the kapok, through the shadow of feeling and impermanence.
Take not a flower, fog the fog, there is not much came out as a dream of spring, no find place to go like clouds...
Empty eyes, not recall memories of the narrator
Whose fingers slide over the one thousand years; Who in the repeated cross-examine ever forgotten; I wait you run out of all the sorrow; And you eyes are sad. I don't understandAlexander Hera
When forgotten into another one kind of beginning, light memory, the real pain
Missing is one kind of happy sadness, is one kind of sweet melancholy, is one kind of sweet pain. Missing is long precipitates over yesterday and the beautiful yearning for the future.
We are still children, the pain will cry children...
The past is forgotten in the memory of the dream, and you are my only bright memory, the water drops on green leaves, is the tears of missing.
People are always so rush to grow up, the question no one answer, the wind and rain, you don't want to escape, the north of the arctic is always, the direction of the pole star tell you home, tell the lost you. How to get out of the young.
This world too many tears, you don't understand.
That one day, leave you left atrium gradually stopped beatingalexander hera wedding
. The wine of thoughts, this drink is drunk, drunk when they read the sadness of the moonlight, with full enthusiasm and drunk, night drunk, I also drunk.
Can I have more pride, and one shot is good, met you I was knocked down
Naive interpretation of our youth...
Don't let other people wandering in the footsteps of crush you tomorrow beautiful dream, there is no such thing as a not good things come to an end, maybe it really only so is true in the world.
Only one in the world will be as time goes by and more getting more good things, only memories
Solitude is one kind of helpless choice, because had not found suitable companions, loneliness is the relief behind to lonely, lonely process, is this a process of looking for true love.
When you love me too, there is no reason to love no results
When I came to this world, canthus have one drop of tears, eyes closed, may not open them.
Push window's person, I am not returning, I am a traveler.
The nights are long dream more, you don't think of me, then you know how much pain
Believe that the beautiful life, is one dirge song without words, overflow the lonely heart, already become into ice, and you is the most beautiful notes in this season.
Those happy rare good more, you really have a way to don't, just a dream come true, quickly disillusioned broken, blessing you really can have a good sleep
Perhaps, isolated is the best way I maintain yourself
. Written in the heart of the crayons to your hand, is a tragedy is happy have your own writing
Who's the most difficult is to know yourself, the most easy also know themselves. Most of the time, we couldn't figure it out for ourselves, because we only put yourself in the position of one mistake, to his own illusion. So, not afraid of bumpy road before, maybe from one start going in the wrong direction.
. Looking back, the days are all rings of light and shadow, unexpectedly memory barrier, once enchanted voice has faded away.
A fallen down the sun, the time of the swing behind layers of corrupt mark on them.
The nights are long dream will be more, I've been waiting night listening to you say love me
The fairy tale is over, forgotten is happiness...